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Hello friends and family!
I have decided to embark on another fun adventure/personal challenge for 2023.
I am so excited to be a part of the Christian Encounter Ranch (CER) Agony Ride this year. It’s a 24 hour bike ride and I’m committing to a minimum of 100 miles.
CER is an amazing organization that requires a ton of hard work not only by staff and volunteers but from the students who are changing their legacies. The work they do makes 100 miles on a bike seem like the easier challenge. I ride for them, to support CER, and also in memory of a friend I lost this year who was an avid biker. Thank you in advance for the love and support! No pressure to give, just knowing friends and family are with me is more than enough!
Agony Ride starts at 1pm on July 28th and finishes at 1 pm on July 29th. I’ve got one month… game on! :) love you all.

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This is Kristine's first Agony Ride!