Virtual Agony Ride Info

Will there be an in-person ride in the Sierra Valley?

Yes! And we would like you to be there if at all possible.

When will the Virtual Ride happen?

Your Virtual Agony Ride can happen anytime within close proximity to the in-person ride, preferable on the same weekend.

How will the Virtual Ride work?

Just like the in-person Agony, you will ride as many miles as you can in 24 hours. Sponsors can pledge either a per-mile or flat rate amount. During and after the ride, you’ll be able to log in to your account on to report your mileage.

Will the Virtual Ride also be 24 hours?

Yes! Virtual riders will choose a 24-hour period to ride.

Do I have to ride for the full 24 hours?

No! Just like the in-person ride, take as many breaks as you need.

Is there an age limit?

No! One of the benefits of the Virtual Ride is there is no age restriction!

Is there a minimum sponsorship amount?

No. It'd be ideal to raise a minimum of $500, but any sponsorship amount is welcome!

Can I fundraise as a team with my family or friends?

Yes! After registering as a rider, you can form a team of riders on Teams may be as big or small as you wish, and do not all need to be riding in the same location. Each person on the team should first sign up as an individual rider, then will be able to join your team, which will have a dedicated page for fundraising. Team members can still raise funds as individuals, as well as part of the team.

Note that teams are for fundraising purposes only. Each team member will still participate in the Agony Ride as an individual rider, not as a relay.

Will my funds raised count toward my lifetime stats?


Where can I ride?

Anywhere you can safely ride your bike is fair game!

Can I ride indoors on a stationary bike or trainer?


Can I ride a mountain bike?


Can I walk or run instead of riding a bike?

No. We want to maintain the spirit of the Agony Ride during the Virtual Ride.

How will I track and report my miles?

It will be up to you to track your mileage during the Virtual Ride. A bike computer is great, or there are several tracking apps you can use on your smartphone. The old-fashioned way of tracing your route on a map is perfectly acceptable as well!

You will be able to log into your account on during and after the ride to report your mileage. You can update your mileage incrementally during the ride each time you stop, or all at once when you’re done.

Will my miles ridden count toward my lifetime stats?


Will my sponsors be able to follow my progress and send messages during the Virtual Ride?

Yes! Just like the in-person ride, your friends and family will be able to send you encouraging notes during the Virtual Ride. They will also be able to see any mileage updates or ride reports that you post. Leaderboards and other live stats will be up on the site as well.

Virtual Ride Guidelines

  1. Sign up on to become an official rider and create your fundraising page.
  2. Gather sponsorships as flat rate or per-mile as usual.
  3. Accumulate as many miles as possible in a 24-hour period.
  4. Any biking is allowed -- road, mountain, stationary, trainers, recumbent, tandem, or e-bike! You can ride on paved roads, trails, indoors, etc.
  5. Log into your account on or the Agony Ride app and mark when you’re riding so your supporters can encourage you!
  6. Report your mileage when you are done riding and/or throughout your ride on or with the Agony Ride app as soon as possible after you are done.
  7. Follow the Agony Ride Facebook page and check for messages and updates throughout the ride.

These are just ideas, not rules! Be creative!

  • Switch it up! You don’t have to ride the same route the whole time, so try changing where you’re riding every few hours.
  • Ride a stationary bike or trainer at night.
  • Connect with friends in different areas and do a virtual relay ride: pass a virtual “baton” every few hours of who’s riding while everyone else cheers them on!
  • There’s no age limit for the virtual ride, so get your kids or family to ride together with you for part or all of the ride.
  • Plan a route that will go past friends' houses so they can cheer you on as you go by.
  • Think of other goals to work towards besides pure mileage: maybe try to ride to the next town over and back, or do a certain number of loops on your favorite trail.
  1. Don’t try to ride for any extended amount of time without assistance -- recruit friends or family members to sag for you, or plan a route that goes by your house or other areas where you can rest and refuel.
  2. If riding outdoors, you must wear a bike helmet and gloves. If road riding, you must also have your bike equipped with side, front and rear reflectors. You must use a headlight and taillight for night riding, and have white or yellow reflectors on both pedals, shoes, or ankles (California State law).
  3. Keep a phone on you, or have a contingency plan in case of emergency.
  4. Stay within your limits -- pick a route that feels safe to you, and only ride a duration and at times that maintains your safety. Just like the in-person ride, there is no requirement to ride for the full 24 hours!
  5. Food: you will still need to fuel if you are riding for a long period of time. Carry food with you, or have a plan for fuel stops.
  6. Strength in numbers: if possible, connect with other riders in your area to ride together for portions or all of the ride.

The Agony ride is a personal challenge. It’s a time of good fellowship, lots of fun, and a chance to go to bat for someone else!

Here are some quotes from individuals who have been helped through the CER programs over the years:

"Coming to the Ranch was my last chance to be a better person…I was plagued by rebellion, not caring if I hurt others…People here gave me a chance."

"…I came with a life full of family problems and …drug use. I ditched school all the time. I was such an angry person…I was not a sociable or loving person. That, and so much more, has changed because of the Lord…"

"…My life seemed like a big blur. I felt nothing, I thought nothing, and my abilities were worth nothing; …I was shown God's love…Now I know in my heart He loves me no matter what!" “I arrived at the Ranch at the age of 16. I was rebellious, I ran away from home, continuously drank, partied, and defied my parents... It has been over 10 years since I was a student at the Ranch, but it continues to be an important part of my life. They have generously spent many an hour counseling me and encouraging me in my walk with the Lord. The terrific thing about the Ranch family is they never forget about you.”

Here are some quotes from former riders:

“...I’m tithing for the next 24 hours!”

“Any pain in the body is more than balanced by the joy in the soul.”

“My pedal power is provided by the Spirit.”

“It’s the neatest picture I’ve ever seen of Christ’s Body at work. Some sponsor, some ride, some refill water bottles....but all give and take. Each person is a spoke in the wheel that makes it go ‘round!”

“My most intense lesson came through the death of my bike light. I had to follow my partner’s light ahead to stay safely on the road. It taught me how really desperate life is without God’s light.”

“I had a list of all the CER students taped to my bike as I rode. When I got tired, that list reminded me of my reason for riding, and it got easier to keep pedaling. What an encouragement to see so many people working hard for that same purpose.”

Please make sure to record your miles by Sunday, July 28th!

  1. Keep track of your miles as you ride with a smartphone, bike computer, or tracing your route on a map.
  2. Log into your account on or in the Agony Ride app.
  3. Follow on-screen instructions to enter your miles and an optional message to update your sponsors about how you're doing. (Check back soon for more details!)
  4. Miles can be entered periodically as you stop during the ride, or all at once when you’re done.