Virtual Agony Ride FAQ

Will there still be an in-person ride in the Sierra Valley?

Yes! Provided we can ensure a safe event while following state and local guidelines, we are planning on a normal Agony Ride in the Sierra Valley on July 24-25. Modifications enhancing sanitation and hygiene are in the works.

When will the Virtual Ride happen?

The Virtual Agony Ride will happen the same weekend as the in-person ride, on July 24-25. We are still working out the details, so stay tuned for more info!

How will the Virtual Ride work?

Just like the in-person Agony, you will ride as many miles as you can in 24 hours. Sponsors can pledge either a per-mile or flat rate amount. During and after the ride, you’ll be able to log in to your account on to report your mileage. We are still working out the details of the Virtual Ride, so stay tuned for more info!

Will the Virtual Ride also be 24 hours?

Yes! Virtual riders will choose a 24-hour period during July 24-25, ending no later than 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Ideally, those who live on the west coast will ride at the same time as those in the Sierra Valley.

Do I have to ride for the full 24 hours?

No! Just like the in-person ride, take as many breaks as you need.

Is there an age limit?

No! One of the benefits of the Virtual Ride is there is no age restriction! Riders at the in-person ride in the Sierra Valley still must be 16 or older.

Is there a minimum sponsorship amount?

Yes. We ask that each rider raise a minimum of $500.

Can I fundraise as a team with my family or friends?

Yes! You will soon be able to form a team of riders on Teams may be as big or small as you wish, and do not all need to be riding in the same location. Each person on the team should first sign up as an individual rider, then will be able to join your team, which will have a dedicated page for fundraising. Team members can still raise funds as individuals, as well as part of the team. Each team member must still have the minimum amount raised.

Note that teams are for fundraising purposes only. Each team member will still participate in the Agony Ride as an individual rider, not as a relay.

Will my funds raised count toward my lifetime stats?


Where can I ride?

Anywhere you can safely ride your bike is fair game!

Can I ride indoors on a stationary bike or trainer?


Can I ride a mountain bike?


Can I walk or run instead of riding a bike?

No. We want to maintain the spirit of the Agony Ride during the Virtual Ride. Runners are encouraged to participate in our 5K Rescue Run in April.

How will I track and report my miles?

It will be up to you to track your mileage during the Virtual Ride. A bike computer is great, or there are several tracking apps you can use on your smartphone. The old-fashioned way of tracing your route on a map is perfectly acceptable as well!

You will be able to log into your account on during and after the ride to report your mileage. You can update your mileage incrementally during the ride each time you stop, or all at once when you’re done.

Will my miles ridden count toward my lifetime stats?


Will my sponsors be able to follow my progress and send messages during the Virtual Ride?

Yes! Just like the in-person ride, your friends and family will be able to send you encouraging notes during the Virtual Ride. They will also be able to see any mileage updates or ride reports that you post. Leaderboards and other live stats will be up on the site as well.

I’m not sure whether I want to ride in the Sierra Valley or participate in the Virtual Ride. Can I still sign up and decide later?

Yes! When you sign up to ride, you’ll indicate whether you want to do the in-person ride, the Virtual Ride, or decide later. We will ask for a commitment one way or the other by July 16.

I’ve already signed up. Can I still do the virtual ride?

Yes! You can let us know via email or phone if you would like to switch to the virtual ride. We will ask for a commitment one way or the other by July 16.

Can Virtual Riders still participate in Agony Sunday when the ride is done?

Yes! Contingent on state and local guidelines at that time, everyone is welcome and encouraged to share about their Agony experience during Agony Sunday at Christian Encounter on Sunday, July 26 in Angels Meadow. We will keep you posted on any social distancing restrictions that may still be in place for that Sunday.