John Vonhof


Sponsorship Goal: $1,500.00

Mileage Goal: 250

Thank you for considering sponsoring me for the 2018 Agony Ride. Your gift will make a difference in the lives of many young people. Christian Encounter Ministries (CEM) purpose is to help troubled teens heal from emotional, physical, and spiritual trauma in their lives. The focus of the ride is the teens that need our help, not us as riders. We are there to help them get the resources and help they need. Every year they are out in force, cheering us on all 24-hours and helping with our gear, food, and gear bags, and anything we need. They are amazing and they give us the motivation to keep riding.

In 2014 I rode 276 miles, in 2015 rode 264 miles, 2016 I rode 257 in a hot year and last year did 207 after crashing my bike when I hit a dog six days before the ride. I always stay up and ride the entire night. During the day there's heat but the nights can be bitter cold. And the 39-mile Y shaped route means every loop has us riding into the wind for almost half the loop. I've modified my goal for this year because I have not ridden as much as in the past. Rain and cold through the spring cost me miles. So my goal this year is 250 miles. The past three years I have brought riders from our church.. Riding with a friend and fellow Christian is great.

You can make a flat amount pledge or a per mile pledge. Whatever you can do is appreciated.

I truly appreciate your support in this great cause. Many times during the ride, whether day or night, I take time and say a prayer for all my sponsors, the teens, and the CEM staff. Thank you. You are great.

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