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Hi Friends,

I am so excited to be a part of this ride. We got connected with Christian Encounter Ranch Through our church Elevation Church of the Foothills. This ride is a 24 hour ride, in the heat of the summer. Should be an adventure!

Why do the AGONY Ride? Life can be tough as a teenager, but Christian Encounter Ranch accepts teens who are struggling and from all walks of life. CER accepts youth who on the tough, broken & lonely path. CER gives them guidance, teaches about Christ and helps them figure out how to turn their lives around to become a productive and caring person in their community. CER accepts youths from all over and goes beyond just helping through the tough high school years, but also helps them to develop a plan for college/ their career path. Please consider sponsoring me and know that the funds raised are going to a very worthy cause. You can do a flat pledge or if you are feeling adventurous, make a pledge for each mile that I peddle! Every dollar raised will go toward supporting these young people and their continued growth in a Christ centered program.

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