Trevor Farris


Sponsorship Goal: $1,000.00

Mileage Goal: 250

Current Amount Raised: $0.00 + $0.00 per mile

  • Update - May 29, 2021, 5:39 p.m.

    I'M BACK!!! After last year's ride of 112 miles, I thought to myself "WHAT WOULD PATRICK SWAYZE DO?" So like Swayze in EVERY MOVIE HE'S EVER MADE, I'm going big. 250 miles in 24 hours! I've been training by surfing, throwing pottery, and doing whatever Swayze in "Tiger Warsaw." "BUT TREVOR, WHAT IF YOU BREAK THE ALL TIME RECORD FOR DONATIONS??" Then I'll get my first ever tattoo. And you get to vote on it! Let's raise them dollars!

Look. If you had one seize everything you ever moment...would you capture it or just let it slip? Yo.

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