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Mileage Goal: 350

  • Update - Aug. 1, 2020, 5:33 p.m.

    Hills, Wind and Cars, Oh My! First of all, thank you so much for your support. Your support goes a long way in changing lives and even saving them at times. Your support is greatly greatly appreciated! This year was very different from years past. Since the Ranch could not obtain the permits for this year, the riders had to find alternatives routes and support for the 24 hour ride. In 12 years, this is the first time Gabriela helped out!! It was great support. But it was a lot quieter than all the past years. I rolled at 1 pm on Friday, by myself, which just felt odd. I had a min goal of 350 but really wanted to hit 400 again but I was going into an unknown since I was not familiar with the rout. I was told, by one of the other fellow riders (names are not mentioned for his protection!) that is was flat… The ride was held in Genoa NV, at the base of the Sierras on the 208. When I was driving the road to the “sag station”, all I saw was rolling terrain! Uhhh, where is the flatness!! And then the wind, there were thunder storms blowing in so the winds were at times puffing 30 plus mph. And since the road ran parallel to the mountains, it was basically a cross wind, and this was an out and back ride. This allows for no real time to coast. Lastly, since no one wants to stay indoors, lots of cars going to Lake Tahoe!! Still called the Agony Ride!! But I like to ride my bicycle! A little prayer for safety and off to work for the next 24 hours! After 2 hours, working on keeping a 20 mph pace (needed for 400 miles), I knew it was going to be too hard an of effort with the wind and the climbing. At times I was only able to achieve 6 mph going up hill with a headwind! No problem! Doing it for the students! The plan was then ever changing and I kept cutting the route down to eliminate the climbing as much as possible! I felt fine the first day and just focused on keeping the pedals moving, eating and drinking properly. All good. Sun goes down around 9 hours in (usually that alone would be an epic ride) and 15 to go! The night portion I knew would be odd since the moon (1/4 moon) set around 9 pm. It was dark! This is the first time I ever rode alone at night. I was on my own if a bear decided to fatten itself up for the winter! I did shorten the out and back to about 10 miles from 20. During the evening, I almost hit a couple dear, a couple of skunks and an ELK! That was one big mammal about 15 feet from me! That will wake you up! It is amazing when the sun starts to rise and the light just starts to creep over the horizon, just around 5:15 in the morning. IT always gives me the extra boost of energy when the new day rolls in. But then I have to remind myself not to get too jumpy since I still have 7.5 hours to go! But I knew at my current pace, 350 was going to be very close! The hours roll by, traffic picks up, wind is still blowing but much calmer now. At my age I am surprised that the energy level is still high and the legs feel good. But I was craving a nice super burrito with all the trimmings! For me, it is trying to get as many miles as possible! The last 3 hours was a short 3 miles out and back now, slight tailwind uphill and then slight headwind down hill. That was the easiest sector! At 12:30, I headed back to the truck, stopped at 12:51 with 352 miles, 10,000 ft of climbing! My wonderful wife was there as everyone else had left. We packed up and headed to a Mexican restaurant that I had visited 10 years prior in Carson City! Got my monster burrito with all the trimmings! One great visit I cherished during the ride was from Jackie, a previous student from CER during my first Agony Ride in 2008. She made a big impression on me back then on why I truly appreciate your support and why I enjoy riding for the cause. Seeing her now, college graduate, making a great impact in other people’s lives (and mine!), is priceless. I thank you again for your support. 357 days to go to the next Agony Ride…. Manuel

Christian Encounter Ministries is a great ministry helping the young in need, searching for the answers life cannot give. The ministry pours love, guidance and how to rely on the strength of God to get them through the ups and downs of this life. Most off all, they learn they can have eternal life through through the belief and acceptance of the sacrifice and rise of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, who laid it all down for us. To participate, in the joy of helping another soul enter the Kingdom of Heaven, that is our calling. Your donation will go on for many years to come, helping this and future generations. Be a partner in helping the CEM spread the message of Hope!

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