Mike Petrillo

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  • Update - Aug. 1, 2022, noon

    The Agony Ride was so tremendous in Fellowship, Encouragement and Sacrifice. It was an honor to share in the 40th. Thank you to everyone who prayed for and supported me in the Ride! I tested positive for Covid right after the Ride! Can you believe that?? i am under doctors care and doing okay with limited symptoms...but I don't think I will be getting on the bike this week.... Much love to the Ranch Family! God is doing something Great in your midst!! Mike Petrillo, 8-1-22

Thank you for supporting Christian Encounter Ministries in the Agony Ride!
It is truly an honor to represent the Ranch this year in the 40th Agony.
Thank you for caring about CEM, and for supporting all the riders and saggers over the years who have sacrificed for the sake of the Ranch Family!

God bless you all, in Christ,
Mike Petrillo

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