Jonathan Palmer


Sponsorship Goal: $15,000.00

100 ft of Elevation* Goal: 290

*I'll be climbing as much as I can - in order to keep reasonable amounts of a pledge (vs. pennies or fractions of pennies) I'll do 100 ft units increments.

Current Amount Raised: $0.00 + $0.00 per 100 ft of Elevation

I begrudgingly agree that I will ride again. Maybe sometime in the next couple of months I'll get excited and decide this was a good choice. Then again, 2020 isn't really impressing me so far.

So, since 2020 is throwing curve balls, I'm going to throw one - this year, instead of trying to ride 300+ miles (been there, done that) I'm going to learn how many feet of elevation I can gain over 24 hours. I quite literally have no idea how many I can achieve, so hard to guide you all in how much to pledge. But, I believe that we'll figure this out, and it's likely I'll save you all some money this way.

I believe that my many supporters over the years can pull through for me and bring me some purpose here beyond pain!

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