Chris Palmer


Sponsorship Goal: $6,000.00

Mileage Goal: 350


The Agony Ride is one of the most beautiful examples of true love that I have ever experienced. The riders go out and ride hard for 24 hours, putting themselves through incredible hardship, exhaustion, and pain so that they can support the kids at the Ranch. The kids get to see people who they have often never met before go out and experience Agony in order to raise money for their time at the Ranch. Many of these kids have never experienced unselfish love. They only know a perverted 'love' that they have seen through media or experienced through the abusive and dangerous situations that they have lived in. By supporting me as a rider, you are supporting an amazing event that can transform the student's lives by showing them what true, unselfish love is. But that's not all. You are supporting their chance to be at the Ranch where they can continue to learn about God and His true love and sacrifice for us all.

Thank you!

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