Kathy Nunn


Sponsorship Goal: $3,000.00

Mileage Goal: 152

Current Amount Raised: $0.00 + $0.00 per mile

I’ve been working with teens for nearly 36 years and even with in the best of circumstances, being a teen at this time in history … is wild … the things they are exposed to and struggle with are beyond most of our imaginations.

Let me introduce you to an incredible ministry. Christian Encounter Ranch is a resident ministry that brings in teens from backgrounds of substance abuse, abandonment, neglect, and many forms of abuse and trauma.

Their desire is that residents will experience healing and hope through a relationship with Jesus Christ in the setting of a live-in church community.

When we first moved here we were initially introduced to “The Ranch” by my dear friend Melissa. Through the years we have had opportunities to hang out with the students and staff and support them in different ways. My heart is heavy for today’s teen and I know the only answer is Jesus. I have witnessed firsthand the impact CER can have in these students life.

Every year they do an “Agony Ride” (24 hour bike ride) to raise money. This year I decided to support them through this challenge and I need your help. Would consider sponsoring me?
Would be part of bringing hope and healing to some awesome kids?
Any amount would be amazing!
Help me help them!
Thank you so much

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Kathy's Previous Rides

1 ride, 129 miles ridden, $2,349.00 raised

  • 2023: 129 miles, $2,349.00 raised