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The Ranch is one of my favorite places... From 2018-2020 I had the honor of being an intern at the Ranch, which turned into one of the best yet hardest experiences of my life. Two months into my internship, I had the chance to experience my first Agony ride as a sagger, and I was overwhelmed in the greatest way possible as I watched the Ranch students experience love and care in a way that many of them have never experienced love and care before. So, that is when I decided that I wanted the chance to ride in Agony at least once in my lifetime, and 2022 is that year! I am so excited to be a part of how God uses Agony Ride 2022 in the lives of the students, interns, staff, saggers, sponsors, and riders.

Thank you for your prayers and for choosing to sponsor me! Your gift will make a difference in the lives of many young women and men as they make the life-altering choice to live at the Ranch where they will receive constant love and support from the interns and staff beyond the Agony Ride.

Emma J. McDowell

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