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  • Update - July 20, 2021, 11:05 p.m.

    Thank you for your prayers and thank you Megan as my super sagger. She brought me my faves- soup, hard boiled eggs and potatoes and yea water. The fan in the garage helped too and of course student Kayla’s prayer/encouragement card. And with a broken femur I can’t leave our my physical therapist, bet friend and wife Nancy. Remember- you are a testimony! In my 14 hours I was able to ride 200 miles on my trainer. That was all my leg had left and was not strained.

Thank you for sponsoring and praying for me as we partner in rescuing youth from ruin and showing them and others the unconditional love of Jesus Christ!
Well on April 1 I played an April fools joke on myself and broke my femur hitting a pothole on my bicycle going to breakfast! I will be riding and exercise bicycle for 24 hours to pray and support the students at the ranch. I will be praying for you and text me 530-263-5134 for specific prayer requests. Please pray for stamina and my mind as I memorize 1 Ephesians 2. Thank you again for your partnership! Craig

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