Sharon MacLean


Sponsorship Goal: $5,000.00

Mileage Goal: 275

I've been at CEM for 10 years! And the 2020 Agony Ride will be my 5th time riding.

Many students arrive at CEM desperate and without hope. But at CEM they are immersed in a Christ-centered atmosphere and given tools to overcome their brokenness. Through the love and power of Christ, our students experience hope and healing.

The Agony is more than a bike ride. It is more than a fundraiser. It is hard to understand - unless you've been there - but the Agony Ride reaches hearts with KINGDOM LOVE and it plays an incredible role in the RESTORATION of our students' lives.

Will you join me in bringing kingdom love to young people desperate for true LIFE?

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PS - Thank you SO MUCH for choosing to sponsor me - the precious CEM students are worth it!

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