Bree Lindsey


Sponsorship Goal: $750.00

Mileage Goal: 222

Current Amount Raised: $0.00 + $0.00 per mile

Howdy there y’all!

Short version: you have landed on this page and you should sponsor the Ranch and my ride! I’ll be on a bicycle for 24 hours, hoping to surpass 152 miles. You can support by giving a flat fee, or if you really want to challenge me to ride two wheels very very far, you can sponsor me by the mile. The ride is in late July and all funds go to support the Ranch.

Longer version: This will be my second time at Agony but my first time on a bike and I am PUMPED! Last year I supported the ride by volunteering at one of the SAG stations. Before going to Agony I had heard about the power of the community at the Ranch (and about these crazy people who ride bicycles for 24 hours) but had no idea what I would encounter. Man, I was truly blown away. The amount of love and care in one place was overwhelming. I think the Ranch provides a thin place, where folks can experience the love of Christ as they work through the metaphorical bumps in the road. I know how much I have appreciated those safe landings in my life, and I want more young people to have access to this kind of support.

Before SAGing, I knew I wanted to give back to a place that has given to so many. Now as a rider, I want to push myself to raise as many funds as I can for the students at the Ranch. Press that button and sponsor my ride!

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Bree's Previous Rides

1 ride, 0 miles ridden, $0.00 raised

  • 2023: 202 miles, $901.40 raised