Zoya Lee


Sponsorship Goal: $12,000.00

Mileage Goal: 300

Current Amount Raised: $2,035.00 + $3.02 per mile

Including Teams: $5,234.33 + $3.02 per mile

In 2010, I came as a one-year intern, stayed for two, then asked if I could hang around to help update our publications. One year later, I joined the staff team. The bonus to sticking around for a decade is getting to catch a glimpse of the expansiveness of the Ranch family as people return to visit - staff, interns, and students alike. The testimonies of lives changed is undeniable. But the best part of my job is getting to sit down with our students - those here now, who are in the muck and mire of seeking change in their lives - and telling their story, testifying to God’s power and great love. There is no better story to share - stories of transformation, of healing, of hope. Please partner with us so that these stories can continue to be rewritten and that lives can continue to be changed.

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