Zoya Lee


Sponsorship Goal: $7,000.00

Mileage Goal: 300

A student I recently met with shared with me about how the Agony had served as a catalyst for her to persevere in the CEM program when she was on the cusp of leaving. At the Agony, she experienced real community for the first time as she sat - clean and sober - with fellow students and interns late into the evening cheering for incoming riders, united by a common cause. It was a strange thing for her, to be part of something so good. “I had never really seen people love people outside of their own families…” She caught a glimpse of the breadth of the undiscriminating love of Christ.

The Agony Ride is not just a fundraiser to fuel the work at CEM, but the Ride itself is a demonstration of Christ’s love to our students. As I train for my fourth Agony Ride, I am humbled by the task before me and invite you to join me on the sidelines. Your support is tremendous to me, and to our youth.

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