Zoya Lee


Sponsorship Goal: $15,000.00

Mileage Goal: 280

Current Amount Raised: $0.00 + $1.00 per mile

Including Teams: $53.33 + $1.00 per mile

The Agony Ride is a demonstration of love, of sacrifice, of surrender. These three things are hallmarks of Christian living, and when lived out daily forms us and directly affects the lives of those around us. Our interns embody this kind of living. And the effects are apparent.

At the Agony, when hundreds of people live this together, the effects are exponential.

So it can be said that the Agony is a beautiful community of boundless giving, as the impact of the Ride on our residents is multiplied and amplified by the dollars given. This week I sat across from a resident as tears filled her eyes as we talked about the new life she has found in Christ. Thank you for helping make this possible.

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