Allison King

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Sponsorship Goal: $500.00

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Mileage Goal: 50

Hello All,
THanks for looking into sponsoring me on this biking endeavor. Christian Encounter is near and dear to my heart. I was a student here and the Lord started to work on my hard heart. I am doing the Agony so that the students there now can learn about God's love and grace. I will be praying for each of them as I peddle. Please consider giving either a flat rate or per mile. I will do my best to reach my goals. My written goal is 110 but I would love to go 150. We will see how things work. :) Thanks again for your support and prayers.

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4 rides, 373 miles ridden, $4,194.40 raised

  • 2022: 65 miles, $1,205.00 raised

  • 2007: 96 miles, $782.00 raised

  • 2005: 112 miles, $1,197.40 raised

  • 2004: 100 miles, $1,010.00 raised