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Mileage Goal: 100

  • Update - July 31, 2023, 8:42 p.m.

    It was so exciting to remotely follow the riders' progress and to pray for them as well as to send email encouragements in real time. I felt like I was there agonizing with the riders, cheering with the saggers, and praising God for all the generous support team who were faithfully praying and generously giving. It's an overwhelming joy to celebrate the fruit of everyone's Agony efforts and to praise God with all the stuents who will be blessed through all these amazing funds raised.

Greetings, friends and CEM partners, What a great opportunity to gratefully reflect on God's awesomeness so evident this past year since Agony 2022. Lest I would take God and His daily provisions for granted, God used some major health challenges to reinforce my dependence on Him and my thankfulness for extending life for my wife and me as well as all you reading this. Our first recent life threatening scare came as my wife, Jan, had to have two emergency heart stents in October and November. God was so evident in the timing and care and even in sending an angelic being who spoke comfort directly to Jan. Then I had a life scare on March 6 of this year as I collapsed at home and was rushed to the ER. The next day I was totally surprised and thankful to receive a pacemaker. That reminds me Who actually is my personal Pacemaker! I am still recovering from new injuries to my spine from that March 6 collapse and fall.

The good news is that I have been able to return to limited and less frequent riding, and my local friend and riding partner Steve has been faithful to challenge and encourage me. Because his granddaughter was a CEM student, Steve has faithfully ridden in several Agonies, including the past four with me here in the Folsom, CA area.

Here in mid June, we recently completed our remote Agony Ride of 100 miles. Clearly God provided us exactly the physical strength and ability to safely complete this goal. The best part for us is the joy of being able to do this for the CEM students we love and God loves.

Now that we have already ridden, we ask you to join us in loving CEM students by partnering with us in prayers and financial gifts to the Agony Ride. You are vital members of this team God is using to make it possible for students to continue encountering God's love and healing as members of the Christian Encounter family. My prayer for you is that God gives you a new or deepened sense of His love and also many opportunities to love others as He has first loved you.

Your Agony partner,
Tom Kern

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All donations are tax-deductible and go to help the students at Christian Encounter.

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14 rides, 2,834 miles ridden, $70,665.45 raised

  • 2022: 100 miles (virtual), $1,365.00 raised

  • 2021: 100 miles (virtual), $2,125.00 raised

  • 2020: 100 miles (virtual), $1,485.00 raised

  • 2018: 228 miles, $8,967.15 raised

  • 2016: 202 miles, $6,131.30 raised

  • 2013: 247 miles, $5,080.16 raised

  • 2011: 189 miles, $6,692.38 raised

  • 2001: 288 miles, $6,467.00 raised

  • 1999: 284 miles, $7,925.59 raised

  • 1997: 303 miles, $8,830.26 raised

  • 1996: 266 miles, $7,240.32 raised

  • 1995: 284 miles, $5,115.08 raised

  • 1993: 243 miles, $3,241.21 raised