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Mileage Goal: 150

  • Update - July 25, 2020, 5:21 a.m.

    All is well. Although second lunch seems like a good idea. Many thanks for all the kind words of encouragement. Rachel and I were able to spend quite a lot of time together riding the bicycle in the last 24 hours. We started and finished the whole thing together. In between I did a few little efforts to try and squeeze in more miles. It can be humbling how all that effort doesn't always translate into lots of extra miles. Thank you to all the sponsors who gave of their hard earned cash and chose to support the work of CEM. We are happy to have participated and are looking at the next one and how we would want to approach it. Maybe next time I will ride alone on a different weekend and then also ride with Rachel to keep each other encouraged. Very cool to see my wife who used to despise the idea of riding a bicycle with knobby tires and a fork on dirt. Now she has reached some all time distance personal records. Thank you for those who prayed for the weather. It has been really hot, dusty and smoky as many people burn their fields to clear them for planting. We had a very generous rain shower Friday morning. It didn't really stop until around 11:00 AM. So we prepared and when it was over we left home at noon. The dust was gone, the soil very firm and only one hill was chewed up and a little muddy going down. Two hours later when we climbed the same hill the mud was firm. We could have not asked for better conditions and weather. No rain last night and beautiful cool morning today. The Lord provided us with food, water, safety, no mechanical issues or flat tires and our kids were very cooperative. It was a great time all around. When we finished back at home we grabbed a bunch of snacks and walked to the river to dip in. Very cold water today but it felt great and the food never tasted better. Our children always seem happy swimming and fishing at the river. Thank you for all who chose to sponsor us for the Agony Ride. This won't be our last one. My wife really enjoyed the whole experience and the challenges that came with it.

  • Update - July 20, 2020, 10:20 a.m.

    Had a great ride on Saturday morning. Trying to find the flattest route around which is challenging. praying for my wife to fully recover and be able to ride this Friday. Lots of things seem to be popping up to try and derail our decision to serve Jesus and CEM and do this ride.

  • Update - July 13, 2020, 1:02 a.m.

    Less than two weeks to go of training! Had some rain in the last couple days but are praying for dry weather during the weekend of the 24th and 25th. The last few Fridays I have tried to put in some mileage to see how my body responds. This Friday I will be doing something like 50-60 miles on dirt and it will take several hours but in a beautiful place. Mostly the challenge relates to keeping calories in and metering my effort so that I don't get too worn out. Pray for our final stage of planning and preparing our family for that weekend. Our kids will be involved in support and helping us be able to turn around and set off again after breaks at home. Thank you for all the support so far and we look forward to seeing how others are able to sponsor and pledge to bless the Christian Encounter Ranch. Daniel

Hello my name is Daniel Jamison.
I am a native of Placer County and lived for some years in Nevada County. My friends introduced me to CEM and I did one Agony ride in 2010 or there abouts. Together with some great friends we rode 354 miles and I will never forget that. It was very challenging but I believe that only the love of Jesus is able to change a life. For the people who find their way to CEM through the various avenues that they come the power of Jesus is what changes them. Through faith in Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit I am alive today and able to serve Jesus with my hands and heart. I work for Bwindi Community Hospital together with my wife as full time volunteers. We have been supporting their work in various ways for the last five years. We would not be here serving today if not for very generous people who have supported our work and encouraged us to continue. We had hoped and planned to travel to the USA this year but because of borders closing, the airport is closed and all the Covid-19 restrictions we are unable to travel. I was talking to my wife about doing the Agony ride this year in Loyalton to join my friends again but instead the Agony is coming to us.

Our plan is to ride from 1PM Friday up to 7PM which is curfew. It is not safe to ride at night anyhow so we will eat, rest and prepare for the morning. Curfew ends at 6:30 AM so we will ride again up till 1PM. My longest ride in Uganda has been 94 miles with 11,000 feet of climbing, and it really beat me up. It was all off road, dirt, gravel, dust rock etc. That took me 12 hours. My goal is to ride 150 miles with the time we have. We live in the hills so maybe I can find something more flat. I will ride some alone and hope to cover more distance the first portion. The second day in the morning I will ride with my wife and we will cover as much distance as we can.

We are thankful for the health to ride, the bicycles that are working well at the moment and the gift of life that God has given us. God has bought us back from slavery to sin and also redeemed our family and marriage when satan has tried to destroy it. We are happy to support the work of CEM from the other side of the world and believe that God can help us reach our goals for sponsorship as well as safe miles on the road.

Thank you,

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