Suzanne Hartley

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Sponsorship Goal: $8,000.00

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Mileage Goal: 250

I am honored to be a part of the 40th annual Agony Ride. During the last few years I have taken on an administrative role, but this seemed like a good year for a comeback! I will be riding virtually so that I can continue in my role as Medical Director during the event. "Virtual" means that I could ride anywhere, but I am choosing to ride in the same location, dealing with the same heat, wind, darkness and potholes that make the Agony so memorable. My friend and coworker, Caryn Galeckas, and I will do our Agony Ride one week earlier than most other folks, without the fanfare or cheering. We will ride as far as we can. It seems fitting to do this in a quieter way, because that is what the students at the Ranch do, day in and day out. They put one foot in front of the other, healing from trauma and discovering new ways of thinking and living, as they allow God to transform them. We celebrate the breakthroughs and milestones, but so much of it is done in the quiet of a conversation or a still moment. I am thankful to have served at the Ranch for 28 years, witnessing the miracles of healing over and over again.

My lifetime fundraising total is just over $92,000. $8000 will put me on a trophy with others who have raised over $100,000 for the Ranch. I'm hoping to join that exclusive club of faithful servants. Thank you for sponsoring me!

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14 rides, 3,878 miles ridden, $98,109.93 raised

  • 2022: 257 miles (virtual), $5,697.91 raised

  • 2015: 276 miles, $7,307.93 raised

  • 2013: 164 miles, $5,311.91 raised

  • 2011: 308 miles, $6,198.08 raised

  • 2008: 306 miles, $5,337.83 raised

  • 2006: 335 miles, $6,931.34 raised

  • 2004: 313 miles, $8,586.45 raised

  • 2003: 290 miles, $4,198.10 raised

  • 2001: 288 miles, $9,425.80 raised

  • 2000: 258 miles, $9,891.63 raised

  • 1998: 286 miles, $8,505.62 raised

  • 1997: 279 miles, $9,050.83 raised

  • 1996: 266 miles, $8,108.64 raised

  • 1995: 252 miles, $3,557.86 raised