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Mileage Goal: 250

My goal this year is either ride with my two brother at 250 miles, or try and get to a the 300 mile mark if they choose to support me by sagging. My real goal though is to bring as many people that love and support me to be either riders or saggars. The Ranch changes students lives, and at the same time, witnesses of heart change are greatly impacted as well. I have had the honor of being an intern during the agony ride in 2015 and even thought on the surface, an endurance event and a residential program do not absolutely does. The event is a physical demonstration of the kind of intentional pain the students enter in each day by engaging with tier traumatic stories. The riders are simply trying to enter in the students reality in a rather small way by participating in this endurance event. The riders are pushing them selves for the students, and the students are getting water bottles filled, caching riders off their bikes, getting what ever food form the kitchen is being requested, sitting and talking, and adjusting their sleep schedule all to help the riders in return. I heard it said about the agony ride, "The riders and the saggars are trying to out-serve one another." The selflessness displayed in this event stays with you forever.
Its hard to get a grasp what truly happens here at the ranch day in and day out. So for that reason I am asking all to come to the Valley in July or if the event must be or can be remotely to participate in any way you can. As an intern and now as staff, I still experience my our soul be ministered by being a witness to the students transformational journey. I guarantee that if you come to the event to serve, your own soul will be ministered to even more. Hope to see you all there. Blessings...Paxton

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