Carol Douglass

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Sponsorship Goal: $7,000.00

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Mileage Goal: 350

  • Update - July 25, 2020, 10:54 a.m.

    Dear Friends, Team-Agonizers & Super-Sponsors, My elderly mom had a heart attack last week & I am her primary caregiver. The Ranch was amazingly gracious to allow me to do my Agony Ride next week. I'm aiming for Thursday-Friday July 30-31 on the Musketawa Bike Trail (formerly the Railroad thru Ravenna, Michigan). I've been to every Agony Ride since 1990 and I don't intend to miss this one....just have to manage a "detour" here! Thank you for your support, sponsorship, good wishes & prayers!! My mom Sharon Douglass is recovering amazingly well from her 5th heart attack. Feel free to send her (and my dad Dan) encouragement at 3734 Center St. Ravenna, MI 49451 and tell them something you love about the Agony Ride. My Agony Bike, efforts & focus were set aside, but I will shift into High Agony Gear next week...I promise! Thank you so much for prayers. I've not found riding partners, so I'll be riding Agony alone-ish. Bike riding is a great time to sense God's Spirit with me, in conversation, Scripture & song, so I won't really feel alone. A couple of perks I'm looking forward to!... It's warm all night in Michigan, elevation just above Lake Michigan, there's not much wind to speak of, and.....the bike trail is only 100 yards from my mom's kitchen! What's a better SAG than that?!! BLESS YOU FOR LOVING RANCH STUDENTS!!!! "The Battle belongs to the Lord!" ~Samuel 17:47 Carol Douglass, going for 350 miles & $7,000 for CEM

Thanks for loving CEM students and me and the Agony Ride and our Great Shepherd!! Bless you!

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