Grace Blackburn


Sponsorship Goal: $5,000.00

Mileage Goal: 225

Yes!!! I am riding in the 2020 Agony Ride, even with the craziness the coronavirus has caused. Gym closed & haven't ridden my bike since last fall, but I'm riding July 24-25... Why go the extra mile in the AGONY Ride and CER? I grew up poor and know people who hit rock bottom, used drugs, was suicidal or abused, hung with the wrong people, got pregnant, was born into a tough situation, was in the wrong place at the wrong time, was dealt a bad hand in life. Life can be tough and even with love and support, youths can make bad choices that take them down the hard and rocky path. CER accepts youths on that tough, broken & lonely path, gives them strict rules, teaches about Christ and helps them figure out how to turn their lives around to become a productive and caring person in our community. The youths are empowered thru Christ. CER accepts youths from all over and go beyond just helping thru the tough high school years by helping them along thru a career path or college. CER also has interns that work and live with the students. It's not an easy job and God works on their lives also as they learn, grow and care for the students. Let's show these youths that we care and give them reasons to stick with the CER program and work on their physical, mental, academic and spiritual well-being. Please sponsor these youths and my ride, either with a flat pledge or a pledge per mile. As I ride, it's these students and interns that encourage and support the riders. While I ride and you sponsor, we prove to them that they are loved and their lives are worthwhile.

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