Kat Atkinson


Sponsorship Goal: $2,000.00

Mileage Goal: 200

Current Amount Raised: $0.00 + $0.00 per mile

Hello, my name is Kat Atkinson. This will be my second-time riding in the Agony Ride. I heard about the ride through my good friends, Gary & Dianne. I was so moved by what the Christian Encounter Ministries are doing for the kids. To know there is a safe place for these kids to go, to heal, to have love, support and to give them the opportunity to know Jesus Christ, to have that relationship, the love of Jesus is beauty in itself. How Great is our God that he can bring us all together to love on each other through many forms, through a ride and the CER? For some of these kids love has been absent, this is so close to my heart as, I was on my own at 14, pregnant at 15 and a mom by 16. By God's grace I had loving mentors in my life that encouraged me and loved me. Shouldn't each of these kids have that opportunity to receive our love and support? If I can ride my bike and make a difference with the help of your support and donation then, together we will make an impact and help the CER with funding to continue to provide for these amazing children of God. Kids are the future of America and it's our part to love, support and guide them. My goal is 200 miles, to ride for these kids and their future is worth every part of the Agony ride. If you'd like to help encourage and love on these kids through sponsoring them and my ride you can do so below, either per mile or flat rate. Thank you for your support!

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