Eric Applegate

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Sponsorship Goal: $1,000.00

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Mileage Goal: 150

For those who have lost hope, I ride. For those who are missing a loved one, I ride. For those who believe they have no one around that would care for them, I ride. For those who have done things they thought could never be forgiven, I ride. As I have experienced my little brother fall into the consuming nature of drugs, I have seen first-hand just how someone can be broken down to the very foundation of their souls. I have experienced through my brother his renewal through Jesus Christ. As Jesus Christ would serve the poor, the needy, the hopeless, and the forgotten, so did the group of strangers that poured into my brother. As I had even lost hope, it was these people who reminded me just how much LOVE can change someone from the inside out. As I want to show this to these people through this ride, and what I can give financially, if you can commit to sponsoring me, I would ride my heart out for these individuals. You can choose to support per mile or just a lump sum. Any amount helps, $5, $2, whatever you can spare. If you have pocket change you don't need. Items you don't need, but would be willing to sell for funds, anything helps! All I ask is that you give with a heart of joy, knowing that the money you donated is going towards the kingdom. THANK YOU in advance. WE REACHED $500!!!!!!! Let's go for $1000!!!

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