Marion Parker


Sponsorship Goal: $3,000.00

Mileage Goal: 50

Current Amount Raised: $2,000.00 + $0.00 per mile

Forty-four years ago our Parker family moved to Christian Encounter Ranch. Looking back over the roster of students and interns from those years I'm so blessed to see what they've become and what they've accomplished! So many of them needed desperately to know that they were loved by God and by His Family, to know that they were not bound by the inadequacies of their parents or their own youthful mistakes. Love is what changes hearts and minds and lives.

The Annual Agony Ride is one of the most concrete expressions of love that I have seen and experienced. The young ones see the the sacrifice (love) of riders when they see the sweat dripping from their faces, the cramping of their legs, the exhaustion in their bodies every time they come through a sag station. This inspires them to yell, to dance about when a rider approaches, and to greet riders with multiple offers of help--food, drink, a shoulder or arm to hang on to while they get off their bike. Love begets love.

This is my seventh Agony. Perhaps it will be my last. Perhaps not! Another 82 year-old rode one mile for each year of her life a number of years ago. I'd love to match her accomplishment and go 82 miles, but I think it would take a miracle--perfect weather, no wind, and exceptional endurance. Your prayers for everyone are appreciated!

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