Marion Parker

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Sponsorship Goal: $7,000.00

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Mileage Goal: 100

Forty-six years ago our Parker family moved to Christian Encounter Ranch. Looking back over the roster of students and interns from those years, I'm so blessed to see what they've become and what they've accomplished! So many of them needed desperately to know that they were loved by God and by His Family, to know that they were not bound by the inadequacies of their parents or their own youthful mistakes. Love is what changes hearts and minds and lives. The Annual Agony Ride is a wonderful, concrete expressions of love; and love begets love. Hurting people hurt others; loved people love others.

This is my ninth Agony. Perhaps it will be my last. Perhaps not! Since a virtual option is still acceptable, I will likely be one of those virtual participants again. In 2020 I did 50 miles on my exercise bike at home. Last year it was 83 miles. I'm hopeful that with consistent training and continued strength, God willing, I can ride 100 miles--maybe more?

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8 rides, 760 miles ridden, $46,509.29 raised

  • 2022: 43 miles, $3,471.00 raised

  • 2021: 83 miles (virtual), $7,180.00 raised

  • 2020: 50 miles (virtual), $4,425.50 raised

  • 2013: 90 miles, $8,924.91 raised

  • 2003: 62 miles, $10,074.80 raised

  • 1993: 156 miles, $3,524.00 raised

  • 1989: 118 miles, $1,806.35 raised

  • 1988: 121 miles, $7,002.73 raised