Paxton Fitzpatrick


Sponsorship Goal: $750.00

Mileage Goal: 230

Thank you for visiting this page. I am sure you have heard from me in some way recently. This ministry means so much to me. It is my place of work, but also a 2nd home. I have learned so much by being once an intern, and now for almost 2 years as staff. I have seen first hand the miracles of students lives being changed. They really are either new people, or have been resorted back to their families.
This event in itself is an amazing picture of the Body of Christ at work. Meaning that Jesus modeled a community during his time here on earth of love, service, truth...and that same spirit is in all of those who have surrendered their lives to him. The riders come from all over, hundreds of volunteers come from the local community and else ware, all to sacrifice for the students. That kind of sacrificial is what Jesus came to do, and we get to model that.
So as much as your support and pledges will be welcome and appreciated to no end, I sincerely hope that you can make it our for the event and the Sunday service back at the CEM in Grass Valley. God Bless and please pray for me and the Agony Ride.

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