Carme Barsotti

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Sponsorship Goal: $1,500.00

Current Mileage:

Mileage Goal: 150

Thank you for choosing to sponsor Carme! Your gift will make a difference in the lives of many young people. To make a pledge to support Carme now,click the Sponsor Carme button below.
Thank you so much for your willingness to sponsor me. It has been a very busy season for us so quite honestly training has been very limited, still hopeful that I can raise some money for Christian Encounter and the students who will come to call it home.

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5 rides, 806 miles ridden, $11,593.20 raised

  • 2022: 139 miles, $2,177.70 raised

  • 2013: 207 miles, $2,301.75 raised

  • 2012: 76 miles, $2,269.75 raised

  • 2011: 202 miles, $3,394.00 raised

  • 2010: 182 miles, $1,450.00 raised